007 Facebook Hack v1.0 Cracked - Facebook Password Hack June 2011

007 Facebook Hack v1.0 with full cracked
007 Facebook hack v 1.0 is a special program designed to
break into Facebook username and password.
This program also has viruses and facebook fake login page.
Be careful using this program and do not use it for illegal activity.
Step by step:

1. Download facebook hack
2. Run it
3. Press the ENTER button and enter the password. Password "downloadcrack".
4. If the above steps correctly, we'll go to the main page of hacking. Then press the Settings button
5. In the server box, enter www.facebook.com
6. In the HTTP Proxy field, fill in the proxy address. Use a bypass proxy address. So, we can make hacking as if from overseas servers. To search the proxy, visit http://www.aliveproxy.com/, then select a list of existing State. To find out the proxy that we can still in active conditions, change the proxy settings on your browser and point the browser to http://www.cmyip.com/. If the proxy address may appear, it means that the proxy can be used.
7. Press the Connect button until the indicator on the right side of the green fields.
8. Press the Back button, then enter the user ID of a victim account.

+ To be Success in this penetration by using this software is dependent on our internet connection speed. Try also to replace IP Proxy to find the appropriate address. There are colleagues who claim to successful penetration and also claiming to always fail.
+ Facebook administrator has so far been updating his security system by applying a dynamic proxy system that can filter out proxy address that will go into the data server. For that, this hack facebook software works like a chase each other with facebook security system.

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