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Ninja Saga Cheats 2011 is tool that enables you to activate coins cheat, level accelerator cheat, instant jounin cheat, weapon, element and emblem cheat. With the cheats, you can be as strong as you always wanted to be. You can have unlimited coins that you can use to buy items, you can also auto increment the level of your character.
I know a lot of players who really enjoys the game since it almost portrays one of the best anime of today, naruto. Being a ninja is not easy as it seem. You need elements, weapons and coins to at least get to the top level of the game. This is where you will need the ninja saga cheats 2011 tool. As a matter of fact, you can brag to your friends how good and strong you are in ninja saga and they would beg you to reveal your secrets of having a cool character. I remembered a tool similar to this before, I think it was cheat engine but it does not require java codes or something to get the cheat tool working, it was all hardcoded within the tool so all you need to do is set your preferences through the interface and click activate. Also see, ninja saga hacks 2011 program.

How to use the ninja saga cheats 2011 tool

First, download the tool and upgrade it, preferably create a folder on your desktop so you could access the tool easily. After unpacking, you can make a shortcut of the ninjatools.exe and login to facebook and run the game, now minimize the browser and run the ninja saga cheats 2011 tool, enter you preferences and once done, click on the activate button, it will tell you if the cheat for ninja saga was successful. Close the cheat tool and go to your game, logout and log back in. Now you have the things you wanted in game such us coins and the elements. That’s it, you can now enjoy the best ninja game in the world. The download link is available below.

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