Facebook Password Stealer v0.07 | 2011 | Free Download

Facebook Password Stealer v0.07

I would like to welcome you to the release of the Team 007 Facebook Password Stealer v0.07. A recent patch meant that v0.06 would no longer work, but after some hard work and research we have managed to fix the patch. Well our Facebook Password Stealer is once again functional. V0.06 was patched so fast because too many people were able to use it.
The application still works the same. Enter the email of the account that you would like to hack and click Retrieve Password.

Anyway, keep reading, below is written tutorial how to use it if you didn't watch our YouTube video and a download link too.


Step 1) Enter your victims E-Mail.
Step 2) Click on Retrieve Password.
Step 3) The password will be shown in the Victim Password tab.
Step 4) Go to http://www.facebook.com/ and login with the hacked account.

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